Suchi Relaxation

Suchi relaxation is a 50 minute download guided relaxation session a part of Suchi therapy. Suchi Therapy is a combination of techniques that have been in the making for more than a couple of decades.

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What is Suchi Relaxation?

Suchi relaxation is a 50 minute download guided relaxation session a part of Suchi therapy. Suchi Therapy is a combination of techniques that have been in the making for more than a couple of decades.

Suchi Therapy was brought about due to my own fight for survival. I found myself as a woman alone in this world bringing up two children, in a situation that I never expected to be in. I had to find the strength to fight another day every day. This had an impact on my life, my health, my living situation and much more. Suchi would not exist if it were not for the misfortunes I endured; the mental stress, the health deterioration and my finding myself in what appeared at that moment in time a hopeless situation. I needed something that would help to support my physical, mental and spiritual self when I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

It is all well and good for people to suggest relaxation and meditation, you see many different downloads available today, back then there was nothing. As a single mother of two to find time, money and a sitter and even the energy after a full day’s work was just a no go. I couldn’t afford the kind of sessions that were available besides my head had been busy enough 24 /7 as it was.


So why is Suchi Therapy different? Suchi is different because of divine intervention. All healing techniques were spiritually guided to find the inner spirit so that I could evolve and become one that walks in love and light. Therefore leaving one to walk in this living existence in the knowledge that they did all they could to bring such teachings to others to help them on their journey.

Everything in existence was once an idea, a thought of someone’s imagination, Suchi many years ago had once been just that, an idea, my thoughts, and look here I am many years later putting it out to the world, a world that is in need of a way to help us find a place of peace and relaxation, in a world of chaos.

We are living in times where we have to transform and make the changes to adapt and gain in the knowledge and understanding that we already have deep within us. Understand all things within the cosmos are connected. Nothing new, you may say, as ancestors have been handing such knowledge down for generations and you would be right, but where do we begin? We can learn a certain amount from books and videos, however, self-worth and self-awareness can only begin with the belief in oneself. Above all, self-love is a must. We can be taught love by those that are meant to be here to protect us and nurture us through childhood, be there to encourage us to be better human beings, to give us courage and strength to cope with the difficulties that life may throw at us. But for some, what if we are not taught those values? What then? Only now can I speak with the knowledge I have gained over a long period of time. Those who really care share. So I am sharing Suchi with you.

Meditation Downloads

Download Suchi Guided relaxation, that way we can all play our part in lifting our spirits.

Together, eventually, we can lift the vibration of this nation.


Physical Relapse

This is a small clip of me in 2004 at the age of 42. I worked my body like an athlete to free my mind and personal space of energies that drained my mental and physical self in order to continue on my spiritual path toward enlightenment, so that I would have the skills to bring my findings to others, along with my story.

By GuruSue

Soul Tribe Legacy

I have written a couple of books about my spiritual journey and I intend to get them out there one day. For now I’d like to help others have a greater understanding of what it means to have the ability to become mentally, physically and spiritually strong.

By GuruSue

Sleep Trouble & Sleep Bubble

Sleep is meant to be restful so that your physical and spiritual self may replenish. There are ways to master the art and the power over your dreams. I would like to share my guided findings with those that are in need of less stress, better sleep, deeper understanding of the connection to the spirit and the self within.

By GuruSue

Depleted & Misunderstood

In my opinion (and my own personal experience) there is a huge misconception around people who take their own lives being selfish. Often their spirit becomes depleted, they feel misunderstood. How often have you heard someone say, they were the kindest, most gentle person one could meet, so why?

By GuruSue


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