Soul Tribe Legacy

I have written a couple of books about my spiritual journey and I intend to get them out there one day. For now I’d like to help others have a greater understanding of what it means to have the ability to become mentally, physically and spiritually strong. To free the self from the heavy burdens that we carry. With bravery and determination you can change the energy that surrounds you to create a situation in which you become peaceful and find strength from within.

It takes courage and it’s not an easy path for those that are new to the understanding of the vibrational energy that is our existence. However when I began my spiritual journey, I had no idea of the places the mind could take us, for my spirit within had all but given up, the light had almost diminished.

Once you have hit the depths of darkness and don’t quite know how you got there. Hold on to just that flicker of light. No matter how long it takes work on yourself to watch it grow. I had to wake up to my inner self, drop the “why me?” and dig deep inside myself for the answers. It turned out that I chose this life, I chose this journey. I learned that I have the power to change, to manifest and bring my findings to others so that they may find help on their path toward their greater self. So that they may have courage and peace to search deep within to find their own hidden knowledge.

I could not have done this without the knowledge of those that had been in this living existence before me. Those that led me to my higher self and remain a part of the energies that surround me and others to teach them and remind those that continue to struggle through this living world, that they are not alone. Then there was a flicker of hope.

With the help of my guides and my spiritual awakening I grew to realise I chose this life’s journey because it would put me in the right place at the right time. Divine Timing