Depleted & Misunderstood

In my opinion (and my own personal experience) there is a huge misconception around people who take their own lives being selfish. Often their spirit becomes depleted, they feel misunderstood. How often have you heard someone say, they were the kindest, most gentle person one could meet, so why?

In these times that we face on a global scale life has become driven by the energy that surrounds us. Our destiny becomes uncertain, people begin to live in fear and it becomes difficult to carry the weight and overbearing feeling of uncertainty. How can we escape the feeling that consumes our whole being? We need to look away from the material world and the lower vibration of energy. It is the only way to move forward on a soul journey to find knowledge and peace within. For many this can be difficult, people are scared of losing jobs, and homes, and wonder whether this situation will ever resolved itself. It is at this time that many turn to prayer and the soul deep within.

Many people at this time question why they are experiencing the feeling of being drained? Well this feeling is to do with the vibration, which is not only throughout this country, but throughout many parts of this visible world. We are energy and we pick up on other people’s energy, their sorrow, and often their pain. Uncertainty is everywhere we are the only ones that can raise this vibration together as one.

We are living in times where we have to transform and make the changes to adapt and gain in the knowledge and understanding that we already have deep within us. Understand all things within the cosmos are connected.

The government has pledged to put £15 million into mental health in the UK and where is this money going to come from? Already economically the county is struggling, many have been on the waiting list for mental health reasons for months some are not even considered to be struggling enough to be on the list. GPs are at their wits end and now have their own mental, physical and emotional needs. The impact on NHS health workers many of whom could find they too are in need of mental health help, due to the impact such traumatic events both visual and physical memories that this pandemic will have left imprinted in their minds, they too need to detach from stress for 50 minutes. Everything has a knock-on effect.

I offer Suchi guided relaxation download so that you can begin to help yourself. Help me, to help you, to help others.