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About Me

I am Suzanne, the founder of Suchi I wanted to share my journey with you and help and support you to start or continue on your own journey. Your journey can begin here, I wish that when I needed to heal and replenish my spirit, that such a download would have been available and that is why I created one. Mental health is spiritual wealth.

The journey

I lived in a world of why me? Why is this happening to me? Why are people so mean to me? Why did I have to have such a tough time growing up? Why was I the one to have a broken marriage? Why was life such a struggle, financially, emotionally, energetically, when all I really ever wanted was to love and be loved? Was it really so difficult, to live a loving, happy existence?

I was in my mid-thirties with two young children, even though I was a qualified a hairdresser, due to the responsibilities of becoming a divorced parent I found myself in a meaningless job that could fit around the children’s schooling and pay the mortgage. With endless aggravation from outside sources, the burden of life became heavier and heavier by the day. For ten years I lived this existence, weighed down by energy that I had been totally unaware of at that time. It was only going to take one more straw to break the camel’s back, for want of a better saying.

There were many other factors throughout my younger years that led me to believe I wasn’t good enough, not for my children and not for this world. Then the final straw was a threat that my children would be taken from me. I was tired and I just wanted peace and in that moment of madness I believed that peace would come by going to sleep. It was at this time that I tried to take my own life. Not for sympathy, not for attention, not for anything other than peace. In hindsight, how could I ever have found peace by going to sleep? I never had a night throughout my early years, my teenage years and my early adult life without nightmares? Whatever possessed me to think sleep would be my peace? Depressed or possessed we will cover this subject later for now we will look at dreams.


Never underestimate the power of dreams

Demonic energy can play with the subconscious, especially those that are low on their vibration. Those that have been hit hard through pain or sorrow, either physically, or mentally, as children teenagers, or adults are vulnerable to these energies. Job loss, ill health, the death of a loved one, and the breakdown of a relationship all these things can play a part in the breakdown of one’s inner strength. Personally as a child of 5 or 6 I tried to escape my dreams and I never stopped trying to escape them on and off throughout my life. In later years on my journey toward personal and spiritual growth, I gained greater understanding of how energies work and of the frequencies that many have little understanding of in this physical existence. The greatest discovery of all has been learning how such energies have a detrimental effect on the spirit within us and its connection to the higher vibrational realms, to the self.

Throughout my journey my guide led me to understand that deep within, I had a heart of gold. They taught me to connect heart, mind, body and soul with the help of great soul tribe connections. Only in later years through sheer hard work, trust, faith and belief in the self and soul connection, did I reach a higher vibration and connect on a higher spiritual existence, as do many others, through transcendental dance meditation, where astral transformation can take place. My experiences led me to believe in dreams and a legacy. When asked the question ‘what do you do to relax?’ now I answer “Suchi relaxation”.

I thank God for my mind to be free to see the magical manifestations that have allowed me to be creative and eventually find freedom for eternity.


Remember the more love you give yourself the more you will attract from others and as the creator of your own existence, you can eventually radiate an energetic vibration, which will attract like-for-like people into your energetic field. What is spoken from the heart others can feel, what is real you feel. When you feel and trust that you are being given the guidance to bring yourself into balance you will be creating a better existence not only for yourself but for those around you. It is imperative that as adults we create such energy around your children. Become aware of your own vibrational energies so that your children do not have to fear their own inner spirit. That they may grow to be at one with the self. Guide them in light and love.


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